Mollys life – Salon full on lesbians

Today at Mollys life, was a special day. Molly needed to go to a women’s beauty salon for a make over. Surprisingly enough when she got talkative with the women there, she found out that all of them were into lesbian sex. And what ensued, well, just watch and you’ll see that all the women there got into some very hot lesbian sex action. Well there’s no better way to pass the time in line for Molly anyway, and she got to have her pussy taken care of again and got to have steamy lesbian sex too today.

Take your time to watch her and another babe that was present at the saloon, take their time kissing passionately and sensually while undressing each other to reveal those amazing and sexy bodies. And as she was having fun with one particular babe there, more of them wanted to join in on the fun, eventually the whole thing turning into a lesbian sex orgy too. Sure enough the stylist found them fucking each other, and she joined in on the fun as well. Enjoy the scene and see you next week as per usual guys and gals!


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